Albert Russell Mann 1880-1947. Dió clase en la Universidad de Cornell desde 1904; fué profesor auxiliar del sector lechero, secretaria y director, profesor de agricultura, decano temporario, y decano de la Universidad del estado de Nueva York en la facultad de agricultura, entre 1917-1931.

Actualmente la librería digital de Apicultura formada por Phillips lleva el nombre de Librería Mann.

Libros digitalizados en la libreria de Cornell que lleva su nombre Editar

  • Affleck, Thomas. Bee-breeding in the West E. Lucas, Cincinnati : 1841.
  • Alley, Henry. The beekeeper's handy book, or, Twenty-two years' experience in queen-rearing, containing the only scientific and practical method of rearing queen bees, and the latest and best methods for the general management of the apiary Henry Alley, Wenham, Mass. : 1883.
  • Alley, Henry. Thirty years among the bees; the result of a quarter-century experience in ... Salem Press, Salem, Mass. : 1891.
  • Benton, Frank. The honey bee; a manual of instruction in apiculture G.P.O., Washington : 1899.
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  • Cook, Albert John. Manual of the apiary W.S. George & Co., [Lansing, Mich. : 1876]
  • Cowan, T. W. British bee-keeper's guide book to the management of bees in moveable comb hives and the use of the extractor Houlston, London : 1881.
  • Cowan, T. W. The honey bee; its natural history, anatomy, and physiology... Houlston, London : [1890]
  • Cowan, T. W. Wax craft, all about beeswax; its history, production, adulteration, and ... S. Low, London : 1908.
  • Doolittle, Gilbert M.. Scientific queen-rearing as practically applied; being a method by which the best of queen-bees are... T. G. Newman, Chicago : 1889.
  • Dunbar, William. The natural history of bees; comprehending the uses and economical management ... W. H. Lizars ; Edinburgh : 1840.
  • Dzierżon, Jan. Dzierzon's rational bee-keeping, or, The theory and practice of Dr. Dzierzon Houlston & sons, London : 1882.
  • Harbison, J. S. The bee-keeper's directory, or, The theory and practice of bee culture, in all its departments, the result of eighteen years personal study of their habits and instincts H. H. Bancroft and Co., San Francisco : 1861.
  • Heddon, James. Success in bee-culture as practiced and advised Times print, Dowagiac, Mich. : 1885.
  • Huber, François. New observations on the natural history of bees Printed for J. Anderson ; Edinburgh : 1806.
  • Kidder, K. P. Kidder's guide to apiarian science, being a practical treatise, in every department of bee culture and bee management; embracing the natural history of the bee, the ... S. B. Nichols ; Burlington, Vt. : 1858.
  • King, N. H. The bee-keeper's text-book with alphabetical index; being a complete reference book on all practical ... Viets & Savage, Cleveland : 1864.
  • Langstroth, L.L. Langstroth on the hive and the honey-bee; a bee keeper's manual... Hopkins, Bridgman, Northampton : 1853.
  • Miller, C. C. Fifty years among the bees A. I. Root Co., Medina, Ohio : 1911.
  • Miller, C. C. A thousand answers to beekeeping questions American Bee Journal, Hamilton, Ill. : 1917.
  • Miner, T. B. The American bee keeper's manual; being a practical treatise on the history and ... Saxton, New York : 1857.
  • Munn, W. Augustus. A description of the bar-and-frame hive John Van Voorst, London : 1844.
  • Neighbour, Alfred. The apiary, or, Bees, bee-hives, and bee culture; being a familiar account of the habits of bees, ... Kent and Co., London : 1865.
  • Newman, Thomas G. Bees and honey, or, The management of an apiary for pleasure and profit American bee journal, Chicago : [1892?]
  • Nutt, Thomas. Humanity to honey bees, or, Practical directions for the management of honey bees upon an improved and humane plan, by which the lives of bees may be preserved, and abundance of honey of a superior quality may be obtained Printed by H. and J. Leach, for the author, Wisbech : 1832.
  • Phelps, E. W. Phelps' bee-keeper's chart; being a brief practical treatise on the instinct, ... A. O. Moore, New York : 1858 [c1853]
  • Phillips, Everett Franklin. Beekeeping [1915?]
  • Quinby, M. Mysteries of bee-keeping explained; being a complete analysis of the whole subject: ... C. M. Saxton & Co., New York : 1853.
  • Root, A. I. The A B C of bee culture; a cyclopædia of everything pertaining to the care ... A.I. Root, Medina, Ohio : 1879.
  • Sladen, F. W. L. Queen-rearing in England; with notes on a scent producing organ in the ... Madgwick, Houlston & Co., London : 1913.

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